Web Conference: Advancing Data-Driven Health Research and Innovation Responsibly

This web conference was a part of the IAPP Global Privacy Summit Online 2021.  

Original broadcast date: April 7, 2021

Despite a common misconception, privacy and healthcare research (including innovation) are not polarizing forces. Join privacy experts from the life sciences and healthcare field as they discuss how data is really used in research and development. You will hear their views on bridging the perceived gap between healthcare research and privacy, and how to apply those ideas to current challenges, such as innovating responses to COVID-19. The panel will also discuss types of research, what makes data use in drug development and medtech different from other industries, effective anonymization/deidentification, lawful data use and how to build public trust within the industry.

Rick Habib, CIPP/US, Programming Director, IAPP

Kate Black, CIPP/US, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig
Patrice Ettinger, CIPP/US, CPO, Pfizer
Lauren Foster Wu, CIPP/US, Senior Counsel, DPO, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. 
Alea Garbagnati, CIPP/US, Compliance and Privacy Counsel, U.S. Privacy Officer, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.