Make no mistake: cybercrime has become big business. Forbes recently reported that cybercrime costs are projected to reach $2 trillion by 2019. To achieve this level of growth, cybercrime is now organized like big business, complete with a supply chain, middlemen, and sales and distribution channels. This is good and bad news for your organization. The bad news is that there are powerful forces working to steal your data. The good news is that cyber criminals now think in business terms, and you already know how to compete in business. Once you understand the economics of cybercrime, you can reduce your risks from cyber attacks by making your organization an unprofitable target. This series in The Privacy Advisor by Richard Kam, CIPP/US, can help.

Part 1: Cybercrime is big business now: Avoid becoming a victim

Part 2: To prevent cyber thieves, think like them

Part 3: Outrunning the bear: Using ROI to defeat cybercrime