Ten Steps to a Quality Privacy Program – Article Series

Last Updated: May 2014

This series of Privacy Advisor articles by Deidre Rodriguez, CIPP/US, explores different aspects of privacy programs, why they're important and how to implement them in your organization.

  • Outline: 10 Steps to a Quality Privacy Program: Taking Your Program to the Next Level
  • Part 1: Creating Roadmaps of Regulatory and/or Contractual Requirements
  • Part 2: Risk Assessments
  • Part 3: Privacy By Design Tools
  • Part 4: Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Part 5: Building an Audit Plan
  • Part 6: Test Your Incident Response Program
  • Part 7: Identifying the Root Cause; Implementing Corrective Actions and Documenting Sanctions
  • Part 8: Apply Lessons Learned from Others’ Mistakes
  • Part 9: Create a Written Plan for Addressing Known Issues
  • Part 10: Monitoring and Trending