Responsible AI: Putting data ethics into action

Original broadcast date: 8 December 2023

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, including generative AI, require organizations to work with data ethically to maintain trust among stakeholders. As governments and regulators around the world develop AI guardrails in an effort to balance the technology's evolution and social impacts, participatory deliberation is necessary to enact responsible data systems and processes. TELUS, one of the first signatories to Canada's new Voluntary Code of Conduct on the Responsible Development and Management of Advanced Generative AI Systems, has built a world-class data ethics program that enables innovation with data and insights, while putting customers and communities first. This session will explore how TELUS's data ethics framework applies to its responsible AI practices. Learn about TELUS's consultation efforts and how responsible AI can enable data-driven innovation and minimize risks.


  • Selena Lefebvre, Programming and Speaker Coordinator, IAPP


  • Jesslyn Dymond, CIPP/C, Director of Data Ethics, TELUS
  • Natasha Malik, Responsible AI Research Fellow, TELUS and PhD candidate, McMaster University
  • Angela Power, CIPP/C, Senior Director and Ethicist, INQ Consulting