Privacy Law Fundamentals, Sixth Edition

Authors: Daniel J. Solove, Paul M. SchwartzPurchase PrintPurchase Digital

The sixth edition of the popular Privacy Law Fundamentals incorporates extensive new developments in privacy law. Privacy Law Fundamentals delivers vital information in a concise and digestible manner. It includes key provisions of privacy statutes; leading cases; tables summarizing the statutes; summaries of key state privacy laws; and overviews of various agency enforcement actions.

Privacy Law Fundamentals is designed to serve as a primer of the essential information one needs to know about the field. For the student of privacy law or the beginning privacy professional, the book will provide an overview that can be digested readily. For the more seasoned and experienced, the book will serve as a handy reference guide, a way to refresh one’s memory of key components of privacy laws and central cases. It will help close gaps in knowledge and inform on areas of the field about which one wants to know more.

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