Nymity Structured Privacy Management

One of the challenges facing privacy officers is finding a privacy management tool that helps them manage and report the status of privacy management as it exists across their organization. A tool that will allow them to build a business case justification for maintaining current privacy management and enhancements where applicable. A tool that will allow them to establish and work with a privacy team that does not report to them directly, and even hold that team accountable for privacy management.

After extensive research, Nymity and the IAPP have teamed to provide a free set of tools that can help organizations better manage and report on their privacy programs based on structured privacy management. The Nymity Privacy Management Workbook is an unlocked Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be used as is, or customized to meet a specific privacy officer’s needs. The Privacy Management Workbook is accompanied with the Getting Started Manual, which provides an operationalized approach to privacy management accountability and step by step instructions on how to use the Workbook.

For organizations that want to demonstrate compliance and accountability, there is an additional set of tools including a manual called the Demonstrating Compliance Manual and an Accountability Scorecard, that outline an accountability approach to demonstrating compliance with privacy laws that is empowered by the documentation that was collected using the Privacy Management Workbook. 

Looking for a Latin American version of the tool? Nymity has got that, too. Look for it to be ported over to the IAPP site in short order.

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