Hands-On Guide to GDPR Compliance

Publish date: 2018

Author: Karen Lawrence Öqvist, Filip Johnssén

"Hands-On Guide to GDPR Compliance” takes best practices for GDPR compliance straight from the field. This is an operational book for GDPR, but it also dives into big-picture privacy questions. Both legal and non-legal professionals alike can use the book to better understand how to make GDPR work in practice. It’s ideal for IT, security and compliance professionals who want to get up to speed with privacy and GDPR.

Topics covered:

  • What privacy is and why it’s important.
  • Fair Information Practice Principles.
  • The OECD privacy framework.
  • Common privacy dilemmas.
  • An introduction to the GDPR.
  • Controller and processor liability.
  • Building a privacy program.
  • GDPR operational efficiencies.

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