Published: April 2023Click To View (PDF)

This infographic provides a snapshot of the most meaningful data points around consumer privacy perceptions and trust in Australia. Namely, it breaks down key statistics on:

  • How concerned Australian consumers are with their online privacy.
  • How well they understand data collection and use.
  • What kinds of actions are motivated by privacy concerns.
  • Which company actions are most likely to enhance, or reduce, consumer trust in data collection/processing.
  • What percentage of Australian consumers have been subject to a breach of their personal data.
  • Why they remain loyal to a company following a data breach.

The IAPP will continue publishing country-specific infographics to compliment the global At-a-Glance: Privacy and Consumer Trust infographic in the coming weeks.

For the full picture, see the IAPP Privacy and Consumer Trust Report, the IAPP's first study of how consumers’ privacy perceptions affect their trust in companies that collect and process their personal data. Principal Researcher, Privacy Law and Policy, Müge Fazlioglu also wrote an op-ed to accompany the report.

For all things privacy and consumer trust, view the Consumer Perspectives topic page in the IAPP Resource Center. It is regularly updated with the latest news and resources.

Additionally, the IAPP hosts an Australia and New Zealand topic page.