Approved Binding Corporate Rules

Last Updated: October 2020

Note: This is not a complete list of approved BCRs. For the complete list of companies with closed BCR cooperation proceedings, without links to the actual BCR documentation, please see this European Commission website for BCRs approved prior to GDPR’s entry into force and this EDPB website for those approved after GDPR’s entry into force.

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Links to some approved Binding Corporate Rules documentation.

  • eBay with the Luxemburg DPA as the lead.
  • First Data with the UK ICO as the lead DPA.
  • HP with the CNIL as the lead DPA.
  • Intel with the UK ICO as the lead DPA.
  • JPMorgan Chase with the UK ICO as the lead DPA
  • Philips with the UK ICO as the lead DPA.
  • Workday with the Irish DPC as the lead DPA.