AI & ethics – New developments, regulatory considerations and ethical obligations

Original broadcast date: 9 August 2023

This webinar will delve into the critical intersection of artificial intelligence, ethics and regulatory compliance, using the compliance trifecta approach of "say it, do it, prove it." Participants will learn about the latest developments in AI ethics and regulatory considerations, as well as their ethical obligations as AI practitioners. While the importance of ethical AI has been in the spotlight recently, with good reason, there are also nuanced ethical requirements specific to lawyers that are implicated by the use of AI, from competence, to acceptable use avoiding bias, to confidentiality of information, AI will weave intricately into the daily lives of lawyers.

Selena Lefebvre, Programming and Speaker Coordinator, IAPP

Rebecca Perry, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Exterro

Jonathan Yellin, General Counsel, Executive Vice President, Charles River Associates
Goli Mahdavi, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, Counsel, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Christy Hawkins, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, CIPT, FIP, PLS, Partner, Akerman