CBC News reports that Nova Scotia’s “privacy and information watchdog,” Duclie McCallum, was “shocked” when she learned she had been given two weeks’ notice and would not be reappointed after seven years on the job. Saying she had worked “night and day” in the post, she told the CBC “it just kind of shows a lack of respect for me and the office and our work. If you don’t get reasons, somehow it tends to impugn the character of the person.” Office director Carmen Stuart will serve as acting review officer until a new full-time officer is appointed. Jamie Baillie, leader of the Progressive Conservatives, backed McCallum, calling her ouster a “disturbing development.” NDP Leader Maureen MacDonald implied the Liberals wanted someone in the position more in line with their political views. A government spokesman said there could be no official comment, as it was a personnel issue.
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