GCHQ to host all-female cyber courses this spring

(Feb 14, 2019) The U.K. Government Communications Headquarters announced it will conduct all-female CyberFirst Defenders courses this spring, BBC News reports. The National Cyber Security Centre found nearly 90 percent of cybersecurity employees are male. In order to bring more balance to the field, the GCHQ will open up 600 spots for women to take part in the cybersecurity courses. "Women only make up a small proportion of the global cyber-workforce, and throughout GCHQ and the NCSC we are looking to address ... Read More

Survey: Non-desk employees use messaging apps, even without HR's knowledge

(Jan 31, 2019) A survey conducted by Speakap found most non-desk employees use messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Adweek reports. Speakap defines non-desk employees as staff members who work at retail stores, hotels and restaurants. Of the 1,000 non-desk employees polled, 53 percent said they use messaging apps for work-related communications up to six times a day, with 16 percent believing their company’s human resources department did not know of such use. Speakup states compani... Read More

CCPA: What does it mean for employers?

(Jul 3, 2018) It's the California Consumer Privacy Act, but does it apply to data processed in the employer-employee relationship? In this Privacy Tracker post, Philip Gordon and Andrew Gray of Littler Mendelson offer an analysis of the CCPA from the HR perspective, noting that "The act is written so broadly ... it could be read to confer rights on employees vis-à-vis their employers with respect to their personnel records." Ambiguities in certain definitions within the act suggest it may give new rights to e... Read More

Unraveling the latest in the data protection juggernaut: What does the California Consumer Privacy Act mean for employers?

(Jul 3, 2018) With the May 25 effective date of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation barely in the rear-view mirror, California’s Governor Jerry Brown, on June 28 signed into law the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. The law flashed onto the scene after a concerned and wealthy California citizen funded, and obtained the approval of, a ballot initiative for a similar law to be placed on the November 2018 electoral ballot. The initiative’s backer used that approval as leverage in the w... Read More

New workplace-monitoring law in Poland

(Jun 26, 2018) The Polish legislature has passed changes to the country's employment law to regulate the monitoring of employees in the workplace. The new law outlines rules around video surveillance and email monitoring and aims to bring the country in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Marcin Lewoszewski and Maja Karczewska of Kobylańska & Lewoszewski Kancelaria Prawna offer an analysis of the law in this Privacy Tracker blog. The law offers specific reasons for which video surveillance... Read More

Poland regulates workplace monitoring

(Jun 26, 2018) CCTV in the workplace under the Polish law Until recently, the matter of video surveillance in the workplace has not been explicitly regulated by Polish law. However, the new changes to the employment law dated May 10, 2018, address the issue of the use of video surveillance in the workplace. Pursuant to the recently adopted law, the employer is allowed to install video surveillance in case such CCTV is necessary to: Ensure the safety of the employees. Protect property. Control the process... Read More

Conducting Social Media Background Checks

(Jan 26, 2018) The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia has developed this guidance to help organizations and public bodies navigate social media background checks and privacy laws.Read Now (PDF 1.3MB)... Read More

Survey: Nearly half of HR pros in EU unaware of GDPR

(Dec 14, 2017) A survey conducted by global human resources and payroll service provider SD Worx found that, of the 1,800 professionals who participated across nine European countries, 46 percent were not aware of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Silicon Republic reports. Jean-Luc Barbier, international managing director at SD Worx, said, “This survey has revealed the clear divide in the HR industry." For those who are aware, 81 percent said they were confident they would comply with the regulations ... Read More