Nvidia launches CCTV facial recognition partnership

(Feb 20, 2018) Nvidia announced it will be partnering with AI developer AnyVision to incorporate facial recognition technology into CCTV surveillance cameras, Mashable reports. The cameras would be used to fuel smart cities around the world, as AnyVision’s technology allegedly can identify individuals within large crowds with 99 percent accuracy, while the company pledges to protect any information the CCTV cameras collect. The partnership is a piece of Nvidia’s Metropolis program, where it works with companie... Read More

Tech company develops facial recognition 'firewall'

(Feb 14, 2018) As companies move to protect databases ahead of the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, Tel Aviv–based startup D-ID announced it has developed a "firewall" to block facial recognition and expects to launch a product by the end of May, Reuters reports. The technology alters stored pictures so they are able to escape detection by facial recognition algorithms. Recognizing that this could present an obstacle to law enforcement agencies in their ability to locate potential suspects, D-ID... Read More

Researcher finds facial recognition accuracy varies by skin color, gender

(Feb 12, 2018) A researcher at the MIT Media Lab found the accuracy of facial recognition technology depended on the subject’s skin color, The New York Times reports. Joy Buolamwini conducted an experiment to see if facial recognition technology could accurately identify a subject’s gender. When testing 385 photos of lighter-skinned males, the technology was accurate 99 percent of the time, but when testing 271 photos of darker-skinned females, the number of errors shot up to 35 percent. Buolamwini noted, "You... Read More

Notes from the IAPP Publications Editor, Feb. 9, 2018

(Feb 9, 2018) Greetings from Portsmouth, New Hampshire! First off, I have to give a shout out to the Philadelphia Eagles on a well-earned victory in the Super Bowl. It has been fun seeing the joy it brought to the city and its fans. I just hope no one got hurt diving off the Ritz-Carlton awning or while hanging out on top of the various streetlights in Center City! Eagles fans are certainly ... unique.  On a more serious note, I was sorry to see that internet pioneer John Perry Barlow passed away this week.... Read More

Companies look to employ blockchain technology

(Feb 8, 2018) L.L. Bean is set to test a combination of blockchain and internet-of-things technology to gather data about how customers are using their products, The Wall Street Journal reports. The plan will be to sew in sensors that will send data to the Ethereum blockchain platform, where it will be tracked and analyzed to help the company understand the life span of the product. Meanwhile, a new white paper details a proposal from Nebula Genomics, where it would also employ a blockchain-enabled platform b... Read More

Chinese police begin testing facial recognition sunglasses

(Feb 8, 2018) Chinese police are now testing sunglasses with built-in facial recognition technology, The Verge reports. This comes as the latest move in the state’s embrace of surveillance technology. The glasses will help police scan travelers during the upcoming Lunar New Year, one of the world’s largest migration events. Meanwhile, Clare Garvie writes that, although facial recognition technology is becoming more prevalent and society as a whole becomes more accustom to its implementation, “we cannot become... Read More

Canada testing app to store traveler data using blockchain

(Feb 2, 2018) The Canadian government will be assisting in the testing of a new app allowing travelers to digitize information with authorities before flying, Global News reports. The “Known Traveler Digital Identity” system gives individuals the opportunity to store data such as their residency cards, countries they have visited, and biometric information such as facial recognition scans and fingerprints. The data would be securely stored via blockchain. Launched at the World Economic Forum, the system will ... Read More

Fraser: Read DNA testing kits' privacy policies

(Feb 2, 2018) CBC News reports on the potential privacy concerns surrounding DNA testing kits. McInnes Cooper Partner David Fraser said individuals looking to take the tests should do research to see what a company’s privacy policy says regarding its data sharing practices, the length of time it holds onto data, and what happens to the data after a person closes their account. While companies do give consumers the option to choose what happens to their information, Fraser said most people end up choosing the ... Read More

Op-Ed: Balance needs to be struck with Aadhaar

(Jan 25, 2018) In an op-ed for the Hindustan Times, Rahul Matthan writes that a balance must be struck between the benefits of Aadhaar and the harms it could cause, adding that shutting down the program is not the answer to the privacy questions it raises. Matthan writes, “In the history of privacy, we have stood at this crossroads many times before. Every time a new technology has offered new benefits it has, at the same time, had some impact on our current expectation of privacy.” Matthan warns of what will ... Read More

Privacy tech companies receive funding to boost products

(Jan 22, 2018) Protenus announced it has received an $11 million investment from a group including Kaiser Permanente Ventures to bring its health data auditing and privacy monitoring platform to more hospitals across North America. The health care compliance analytics company plans on using the funding to accelerate sales and fill customer support positions, while boosting its R&D to expand its platform’s capabilities. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv-based startup D-ID closed out a $4 million seed round for its tools,... Read More