Prudence the Privacy Pro Vol. 5 No. 5

GDPR day is HERE! And our data protection super hero couldn't be happier!

If you would like to download a high-resolution pdf to print and hang somewhere in your office, click here. (pdf 28.3MB)

PRUDENCE THE PRIVACY PROFESSIONAL- Volume 5, Issue 5 "Today's the Day"  CELL 1: Pru's alarm goes off and she bolts upright and turns it off. Calendar above the bed has all the days crossed out except May 25, which is circled or hearted or something similar. Opt-Out on a bird stand in the corner with sleep mask on...  Pru: “Opt-Out! Wake up! This is it! GDPR Day!" - CELL 2: Opt-Out lifts up one eye to look on skeptically. Pru out of bed and flexing/stretching - Pru: "Wow! It's like my powers have tripled! Quadrupled! Get you teeth brushed, Opt-Out, we gotta get out there and see what I've got." - CELL 3: Outside a building with biz name "Da Data Brokerz" - Pru can see through the wall to see data streaming through a cable coming out of Svinya's computer. Customer 2: “X-Ray Personal Data Vision! I can see all the data flowing in an out of an organization. Amazing!” - CELL 4: Buzzing through to steal a laptop out of Voleur's hands.  Pru: "And super speed! I can respond to a potential breach faster than ever before!" - CELL 5: In a hospital, Dr. Breach in front of a computer with puzzled expression... Voleur: “Unbelievable! I can do mind reading! And erasing! We've all got a right to be forgotten now!" - CELL 6: Back at Pru HQ; Opt-out pointing at the Shield hanging on the wall  Opt-out: “squawk!"  Pru: "Whaddaya mean I should check to see if my Privacy Shield still works?"