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Today, demand for qualified privacy professionals is surging. Soon, societal, business and government needs for practitioners with expertise in the legal, technical and business underpinnings of data protection could far outstrip supply. To fill this gap, universities around the world are adding privacy curricula in their law, business and computer science schools. The IAPP’s Westin Research Center has catalogued these programs with the aim of promoting, catalyzing and supporting academia’s growing efforts to build an on-ramp to the privacy profession.

The information presented in the second issue of “Privacy and Data Protection in Academia, A Global Guide to Curricula” represents the results of our publicly available survey. The programs included voluntarily completed the survey. The IAPP then organized the information provided and the designated contact at each institution verified the accu­racy of the information presented.

This is not a comprehen­sive list of colleges and universities offering privacy and data protection related curric­ula. We encourage higher education institu­tions interested in being included to com­plete the survey as the IAPP will periodically publish updates.

IAPP Academic Privacy and Data Protection Program Survey
As part of the IAPP’s broader higher education initiative, this survey is designed to collect information regarding privacy and data protection programs and courses offered at graduate schools, including law, computer science and business schools around the world. The IAPP will publish and periodically update the results of the survey to help inform students and academics about existing privacy and data protection programs.

More about IAPP’s collaboration with higher education institutions:
The IAPP aims to support the development of an on-ramp to the privacy and data protection profession, by catalyzing, promoting and building relationships with privacy and data protection-focused academic programs in law, computer science and business schools around the globe. Building strong partnerships with academic institutions and students will aid in creating a path for those interested in pursuing a career in privacy and data protection.

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