Westin Scholar Awards

The IAPP has created a fund to support students who are identified by their professors as future leaders in the field of privacy or data protection. Participating professors will each select one student who will be awarded a Westin Scholar Award. More information on the Westin Scholar Awards can be found on the IAPP Higher Education page.

To be considered for inclusion, a school must have 1) established course offerings related to privacy or data protection law, engineering and/or management; and 2) a faculty member who regularly teaches a course in the field of privacy or data protection and is responsible for identifying the top scholar in their course. Recipients of the award in each school will be selected by their professors without involvement of the IAPP.

Please email us at westinscholar@iapp.org to be considered for inclusion.

Participating schools should award one student per year unless the IAPP is notified otherwise. Failure to identify an award recipient for three consecutive years, without notification to IAPP, may result removal from the Westin Scholar Program. Should the institution be removed, it must re-apply for future consideration/inclusion.

Students who are nominated for the Westin Scholar Award are expected to provide the completed documents within three months of their nomination to remain eligible for the award components. No response from the nominated recipient after six months will result in termination of award. Should this occur, the institution will be given the opportunity to identify a new candidate.