Immediate action required: Navigating CPRA compliance and enforcement in 2024

Original broadcast date: 5 March 2024

This web conference covers how to interpret and address the court ruling overturning the delay in CPRA enforcement, key compliance areas to focus on as CPRA risks actively accumulate, how the evolution of advertising technology and "do not share" requirements have created new compliance challenges for companies under the CPRA, and provides a seven-step checklist for effective CPRA compliance.


  • Jordyn Hardy, Programming and Speaker Specialist, IAPP


  • Cameron Ivey, privacy enthusiast, Marketing Manager, Transcend


  • Jamal Ahmed, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP, Global Privacy Consultant, author, speaker, educator and podcast host
  • Brandon Wiebe, CIPP/E, General Counsel, Head of Privacy, Transcend