Facial Recognition Tech and Privacy: Who Are You? Everyone Wants to Know

Original Broadcast Date: April 2021

This LinkedIn Live is part of the IAPP Global Privacy Summit Online 2021 web series.

With the increasing adoption and deployment of biometric technology by private sector and government, the privacy implications of facial recognition technology have come squarely into the public eye and consciousness. A number of sobering media reports and high-profile cases have resulted in pledges by tech companies, announcements of new legislation in various jurisdictions and increased scrutiny by regulators.

This panel of international privacy regulators discuss recent investigations, including Clearview AI, guidance in relation to private and public sector uses of FRT, and policy orientations, such as the urgency for our societies to have a public democratic debate on the uses of FRT.

This session will be of practical value to organizations developing, utilizing or contemplating the use of FRT in the commercial or law enforcement sphere, as well as regulators facing the unique challenges involved in balancing the risks and benefits of FRT. Watch the full recording on LinkedIn.

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