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Welcome to the 2021 Summit season. The flagship event in global data protection delivers its 19th annual conference straight to you online, à la carte, and free to IAPP members. This year’s Summit menu lets you keep pace with privacy – at your own pace. No need to cram hours of screen time into a few long days. Convenient access and timing put you in control of your schedule, so you do not have to miss anything.

As a privacy professional, you not only need to keep up with the latest in your field, you need to connect with your community, benchmark with peers and discover the critical developments that could make or break your privacy program. The IAPP Global Privacy Summit Online 2021 provides exactly that over more than two months and 70-plus live presentations, interactive networking events and on-demand recordings.

Live Keynotes and More on Marquee Week

Save these dates! Keynotes broadcast live April 19-30. Beginning April 26, Marquee Week features headliner events including daily keynote speaker panels, presentations from privacy tech vendors on The Little Big Stage Online, plus targeted networking for new privacy pros.





Helen Dixon

Data Protection

Barbara Li

Head of Corporate,
TMT, Data and FinTech
Practice Lead, Rui Bai
Law Firm

Wojciech Wiewiórowski

European Data
Protection Supervisor

Stephen Reynolds,

Attorney, Partner, Ice
Miller; Member, IAPP
Board of Directors

Karolina Mojzesowicz

Deputy Head of Unit,
Data Protection,
European Commission

Bruno Gencarelli

Head of International
Data Flows and
European Commission

Daniel Therrien

Privacy Commissioner
of Canada

Maneesha Mithal

Associate Director,
Division of Privacy and
Identity Protection,
U.S. Federal Trade

Steve Wood

Deputy Commissioner,
U.K. Information
Commissioner’s Office



Tune Into the Whole Program, or Pick Your Focus

You can finally attend everything you want thanks to a spread-out, à la carte schedule.

Influential voices deliver a mix of live-online and on-demand sessions, giving you actionable education – from everyday tactics to global policy.



  • Health care; COVID-19.
  • Global scope and trans-border data flows.
  • Data breach.
  • Regional law and policy deep-dives.
  • Privacy engineering.
  • Emerging and privacy-enhancing tech.
  • Regulatory developments; GDPR enforcement.
  • Operations management.
  • Consumers’ and children’s privacy.
  • CCPA, U.S. law, and emerging state laws.
  • Ethics.
  • Employee privacy; diversity and inclusion.



Weekly Opportunities to Network

Impromptu meetings that unlock a big deal. Unexpected connections that can make your day or boost your career. That is the kind of networking conference-goers expect from an IAPP event.

With Summit Online, you can log valuable facetime with professionals in different cities, states and even countries.



Curated Solutions From Privacy Vendors

Keeping pace with the global influx of new privacy regulations is one thing. Keeping pace with the paperwork and systems needed to confirm compliance is another.

Build and improve your program by browsing top-notch privacy tech vendors in our online vendor marketplace.



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