Open Calls for Proposals

Certification Training April 30 - May 1
Active Learning May 1
Conference May 2 - 3
Washington, DC
The world’s premier privacy conference—whether you work in the public sector or private sector, anywhere across the globe!

Call for Proposals Closes October 21st, at 11:59 PM, EDT.

Certification Training May 21-22
Workshops May 22
Conference May 23-24
Featuring regulators and thought-leaders, you’ll find intensive education and discussion on ever-emerging data privacy issues.  

Call for Proposals Closes November 25th, at 11:59 PM, EDT.

Summer 2019
Delivering world-class discussion and education on the top privacy issues in the Asia Pacific and around the globe.

Call for Proposals Closes February 24th, at 11:59 PM, EDT.