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As the field of privacy advances, privacy pros need new and innovative ways to connect with each other. That’s where IAPP Sections come in. As officially recognized IAPP communities of common interest, Sections deliver the tools, resources and connections to help members advance specific areas of data protection. Sections provide a forum for discussion, collaboration and knowledge exchange, as well as the development of and access to specialized content.

Here’s why you should join.

Participating in a Section is a great way for you and all our members to discuss and share ideas on important issues that impact your profession or area of specialization, and to collaborate on initiatives that help advance them. Sections also deliver numerous IAPP networking opportunities, an array of specialized content and access to ongoing web conferences, special events and more.

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Privacy Bar

Meet, engage and dive into privacy from a legal perspective—with privacy-focused lawyers and legal professionals.




Privacy Engineering

Engage with a network of peers focused on technology and privacy.




Women Leading Privacy

Connect with other privacy professionals and support the women who are driving one of today’s fastest-growing professions.