Privacy Training Classes

Two Days to a Career Upgrade

Why not get away for a little privacy—or a lot? We offer two-day privacy training classes all over the world. No matter where you go, you’ll meet great people, learn essential skills, and connect with our Professional Privacy Faculty—the best in the business for what they know and how they teach it.

Take a look at our course outlines and see how privacy training can help in the work you do—or want to do. And if you decide to aim for a credential, you’ll have a head start! At our privacy training classes you’ll receive everything you need to get started and the same quality of instruction that, with further study, helps certification candidates prepare for their exams.

Course Outlines

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If learning at your own pace is more your style, our online training is just a click away. It’s interactive, comprehensive—and available 24/7.

Prefer to stay local? The IAPP can bring quality privacy training directly to your organization. Contact us at