Train and certify your staff

Data is one of your most valuable assets. Your staff is the other. Now you can take good care of both with IAPP group privacy and AI governance training.

IAPP group training options address the full range of privacy, data protection and AI governance needs:

Choose the track that meets your needs, or combine them into a single, comprehensive privacy and data protection training regimen.



Our privacy training and AI governance trainings can help:

  • Reduce risk of a data breach by making privacy a shared business objective.
  • Improve decision-making among employees who handle data.
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication across departments.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to privacy, data protection and AI governance with customers, partners, regulators and staff.

Our AI governance training program can help:

  • Reduce risk and ensure customer trust through those tasked with AI governance.
  • Comply with laws and policies by using current AI standards and best practices.
  • Demonstrate commitment to AI governance by addressing ongoing issues and concerns.




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Get Your Business on Board

Need to get internal buy-in for your privacy or AI governance objectives? Check out our critical points to help you start the conversation and make your case.

Advanced Privacy and AI Governance Training

Let us design a targeted program that expands your privacy professionals’ credentials and helps them prepare for certification testing.

We will bring a selection of elite privacy faculty to your site or virtual environment and teach your staff how to institute better privacy practices, drive compliance, and build a more effective data protection or AI governance program.

IAPP Certification: The Gold Standard

The IAPP offers the most encompassing, up-to-date, recognized and sought-after global privacy certifications. Along with our available trainings, we can bring testing for any of our globally recognized certification programs to your staff.


For professionals who oversee the building, implementation, compliance and ongoing management of AI systems


For the go-to people in your organization on privacy laws, regulations, standards and frameworks


The first and only privacy certification for the people who manage day-to-day operations


The industry benchmark for IT professionals who manage and build privacy requirements and controls into technology

Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection Training

If you need to educate professionals in privacy-adjacent fields (human resources, marketing, tech, finance, etc.) who have no previous privacy experience, choose entry-level IAPP Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection training.

Foundations is an excellent first step for professionals with growing privacy responsibilities. It explains privacy’s legal and regulatory requirements, describes basic privacy processes, and provides a common vocabulary for discussing privacy issues.

Foundations covers topics such as:

  • Key privacy concepts.
  • The Fair Information Practices.
  • The data life cycle.
  • Major privacy and data protection laws.

It also includes case studies of successful – and unsuccessful – approaches to data privacy issues.

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"This training provided staff with an excellent opportunity to further increase their knowledge of privacy practices and principles."


Jennifer Stoddart
Former Privacy Commissioner of Canada