Data privacy training: educate your staff, protect your customers

WITH PRIVACY CORE® E-LEARNING. Powered by OneTrust, developed by the IAPP.

One mistake is all it takes. A single privacy breach—one unintentional mistake in handling personal data—can mean fines, legal sanctions and loss of trust in your brand. And what’s the number one cause of breaches? Human error.

Which has organizations around the world asking, “How can I equip my staff with the knowledge they need to consistently keep our data safe?”

Privacy Core® e-learning is the answer.
With an ever-expanding library of content-rich subject matter, this affordable new, SCORM-compliant online solution is specifically designed to train your staff in privacy awareness essentials. Here's a closer look:

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There’s no better way to train your enterprise in privacy essentials than with Privacy Core® e-learning. Check out the modules in this ever-expanding library of online courses.

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