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Official IAPP practice exams provide a preview of your test performance

IAPP practice exams can help certification candidates pass their exams on the first try. They are the only authoritative simulation of the IAPP’s certification exams.

Practice exams are written in the same format as the IAPP CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, and CIPT certification exams. They are based on the same body of knowledge and written by privacy and data protection experts selected by the IAPP. No third-party test prep materials provide such an accurate simulation of IAPP certification exams.

Maximum preparation
The 90-question practice exam reveals areas where you need more preparation. As part of the practice exam package, you will also receive an answer key and an explanation for the correct answer to each question.

IAPP exams are challenging even for highly experienced privacy professionals. Practice exams, combined with training, studying, textbooks, and other IAPP resources, are part of an effective study plan that will help you walk into your certification exam with confidence.