Online Privacy Training

Point. Click. Learn. It is that easy to get the same privacy knowledge as you would in a traditional classroom but without all the scheduling logistics and travel expense. Gain insights into critical privacy concepts you need to advance your career and raise your value within any team or organization. This video proves how simple privacy training can be.

Deepen Your Privacy Knowledge

Whether you are looking to become a certified professional or just want to add to your privacy acumen, IAPP online course modules deliver content from highly experienced faculty through video, audio, text, and interactive annotated quizzes.

The training delivers current, relevant and practical knowledge you can apply right away, because it employs case studies and real-world examples that deal with the very issues you encounter in your daily operations.

Self-paced from Any Place

It is learning based completely on your schedule. You can start, stop and re-watch modules any time it is convenient for you. The navigation is thoughtful and intuitive, accentuating the straightforward training and easy-to-follow instruction.

Robust, Interactive Learning

These are not “test prep” courses that only hit the high spots. The courses are rigorous and based on proven e-learning educational practices to help you grasp and retain ideas, concepts and processes better.

Training does not guarantee you will pass the certification exam (it is not that easy), but the innovative techniques we use will help hone your critical thinking skills.

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