Global Data Review Insight Handbook 2020

(Feb 1, 2020) This handbook, published by Global Data Review, provides research and insight into the global framework of data legislation and how businesses navigate through the changing landscape. The IAPP has placed links below to the digital download page for the GDR Handbook 2020, as well as links to the regional sections of the handbook. Click to View Chapters of Handbook Introduction Brazil: Privacy China: Privacy European Union: Privacy Germany: Privacy Japan: Privacy Mexico: Privacy Singapor... Read More

Open Data Barometer

(Jan 25, 2020) The Open Data Barometer aims to uncover the true prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world, ranking governments on: Readiness for open data initiatives. Implementation of open data programs. Impact that open data is having on business, politics and civil society. Click to View... Read More

Big Tech’s Shift to Privacy

(Oct 3, 2019) An overview of the technology sector’s public expressions of privacy initiatives and values. Privacy is top-of-mind for technology companies and their consumers. Since Facebook’s data-sharing practices came under scrutiny following reporting on Cambridge Analytica, consumers and legislators have sharpened their interest in big tech’s use of data. In response, many companies continue to review, refine, and clarify their data practices for the benefit of consumers. Some of that clarification come... Read More

Global Privacy Enforcement: Highlights and Trends

(Aug 21, 2019) This report from OneTrust DataGuidance looks at global privacy enforcement and features a variety of statistics, including complaints and breach notifications received, investigations and enforcement notices issued, as well as further specifics on monetary penalties.  Click to View (PDF)... Read More

GDPR Genius

(Aug 15, 2019) This interactive tool provides IAPP members ready access to critical GDPR resources — enforcement precedent, interpretive guidance, expert analysis and more — all in one location. Read More

IAPP infographic: FTC-Facebook vs. largest global privacy and security fines

(Aug 10, 2019) The U.S. Federal Trade Commission's fine of Facebook for $5 billion is the largest ever global enforcement fine for privacy violations to date, and according to the IAPP Westin Research Center, is more than twice the total number of global privacy and data security regulatory fines in history. This infographic compares the fine of Facebook to other global enforcement fines for privacy violations to date. Read More

White Paper – Implementing the CCPA: A Guide for Global Business

(Aug 9, 2019) (September 2019) – This book aims to help the person who is leading a business’s CCPA efforts so they can have a handle on what is necessary to comply and make risk-based choices about how best to proceed. The point is to help companies that do not wish to be the target of class-action activity after the CCPA’s January 1, 2020, effective date to avoid becoming “low-hanging fruit." Read More