GDPR Genius

(Aug 15, 2019) This interactive tool provides IAPP members ready access to critical GDPR resources — enforcement precedent, interpretive guidance, expert analysis and more — all in one location. Read More

Big Tech’s Shift to Privacy

(Aug 13, 2019) An overview of the technology sector’s public expressions of privacy initiatives and values. Privacy is top-of-mind for technology companies and their consumers. Since Facebook’s data-sharing practices came under scrutiny following reporting on Cambridge Analytica, consumers and legislators have sharpened their interest in big tech’s use of data. In response, many companies continue to review, refine, and clarify their data practices for the benefit of consumers. Some of that clarification come... Read More

IAPP infographic: FTC-Facebook vs. largest global privacy and security fines

(Aug 10, 2019) The U.S. Federal Trade Commission's fine of Facebook for $5 billion is the largest ever global enforcement fine for privacy violations to date, and according to the IAPP Westin Research Center, is more than twice the total number of global privacy and data security regulatory fines in history. This infographic compares the fine of Facebook to other global enforcement fines for privacy violations to date. Read More

A push for meaningful corporate data research ethics reviews is underway

(Jun 11, 2019) Data has become an imperative component of business, from operational decision-making to artificial intelligence product development. However, amid ethics scandals and near-constant privacy concerns, corporations and researchers are questioning long-accepted data-harvesting and research practices. Meanwhile, attempts to establish internal ethics review bodies are subject to intense scrutiny. Some believe traditional ethics review processes must be updated for the modern age, and efforts underwa... Read More

Firefox now blocks tracking by default

(Jun 5, 2019) CNET reports that Mozilla Firefox now blocks website cookies that let advertisers and publishers track users around the web. The feature, called Enhanced Tracking Protection, will block third-party cookies by default in newly installed versions of Firefox and will be available to already installed versions in the coming months. “People feel increasingly vulnerable,” Firefox Senior Vice President Dave Camp wrote in a blog post. “We believe that in order to truly protect people, we need to establi... Read More

Waze CEO says definition of privacy ever changing

(May 21, 2019) Privacy means different things around the world, depending on a person’s nationality and background, Waze CEO Noam Bardin told the The Wall Street Journal at its Future of Everything Festival. It’s particularly challenging in the U.S., he said, because the U.S. does not have an "official standard for privacy." Until there are consistent data privacy standards in place, Bardin urged tech companies to be as transparent as possible with the data they collect so consumers can choose whether or not t... Read More