EC announces members of its AI group

(Jun 15, 2018) The European Commission announced who has been appointed to serve on its High Level Group on Artificial Intelligence, TechCrunch reports. The group will work to discuss crafting policy around artificial intelligence and consists of 52 professionals from tech companies, advocacy groups and other areas, including Google, IBM, SAP and Access Now. The EC said earlier this year it sought to have a “coordinated plan on AI” by the end of 2018. The group will work to find an EU-wide consensus on the bes... Read More

Algorithmic accountability and the GDPR

(Jun 15, 2018) There has been a lively debate in the academic community of late about whether data subjects under the EU General Data Protection Regulation have a "right to explanation" of automated decisions made about them. On one side, some contend that no such right exists under the GDPR; instead, there is a "limited right to information" only. On the other side, some have argued that this is a narrow analysis and that a contextual interpretation would provide such a right. So, is there a right to explanat... Read More

Israel at the forefront of predictive policing

(Jun 13, 2018) CBS News reports that Israel is at the forefront of an emerging trend among intelligence and law enforcement agencies of utilizing predictive algorithms to identify future criminals. By monitoring social media and other data, Israeli authorities claim to have prevented more than 200 Palestinian attacks. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said the methods helped reduce “lone wolf terrorists” but admitted that determining whether a potential suspect is a serious threat or not is “complicated.” H... Read More

More Facebook data-sharing agreements revealed

(Jun 11, 2018) Court documents and company officials revealed Facebook had customized data-sharing agreements with several companies even after it swore off the practice in 2015, The Wall Street Journal reports. Facebook allowed those companies, including the Royal Bank of Canada and Nissan Motor, to have access to data about users’ friends. The agreements were known within Facebook as “whitelists” and differed from the data-sharing agreements the social media company had with at least 60 device manufacturers.... Read More

Google publishes AI principles and practices

(Jun 8, 2018) In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveils the company's artificial intelligence principles and practices. Pichai explains that in addition to leveraging AI for its products, Google uses it "to help people tackle urgent problems," like predicting wildfires and diagnosing cancer. "We recognize that such powerful technology raises equally powerful questions about its use," he writes, adding, "we're announcing seven principles to guide our work going forward. These are not theoretical concept... Read More

New council to advise Singapore on ethical use of AI

(Jun 7, 2018) Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information S. Iswaran announced a council will advise the government on issues concerning the ethical use of artificial intelligence and data, Channel NewsAsia reports. Chaired by former Attorney General V. K. Rajah, the council will bring together key stakeholders, including consumers and members from the government, public sector and academia, to help establish the responsible development and deployment of AI. Hoping to raise awareness and understan... Read More

Why genetic data breaches pose a serious threat

(Jun 7, 2018) With genetic-testing sites containing troves of sensitive information, data breaches pose a serious threat and could potentially lead to genetic discrimination, The Verge reports. Unlike payment data or usernames and passwords, genetic data cannot be changed once a breach is discovered and can provide valuable information for insurance companies and law enforcement, for example. Natalie Ram, a professor of law focusing on bioethics issues at the University of Baltimore, said, “If there is data t... Read More

Snowden: Five years later

(Jun 5, 2018) In an interview with The Guardian, Edward Snowden discussed the surveillance landscape five years after releasing National Security Agency documents to the public. Snowden shot down privacy advocates who believe nothing has changed since the leaks were made, citing public awareness as a vital development. “The government and corporate sector preyed on our ignorance. But now we know. People are aware now. People are still powerless to stop it but we are trying. The revelations made the fight more... Read More

Voice data privacy awareness on the rise

(Jun 5, 2018) CNBC reports that increased consumer awareness has helped bring voice data privacy to the forefront just as companies begin rolling out advances in voice technology and partnerships to complement customer interaction. With companies like Google, Amazon and Apple hoping to broaden the reach of voice technology, some have raised concern over people unknowingly interacting with artificial intelligence and have warned of its impact on enhanced advertising. A study by analysis firm Juniper Research f... Read More

Council of Europe to contribute to dialogue on internet governance

(Jun 4, 2018) A delegation from the Council of Europe will take part in discussions with the European Dialogue on Internet Governance in Tbilisi, Georgia, June 5 and 6. Themed as "Innovative strategies for our digital future," the EuroDIG 2018 will include "representatives of governments, international organisations, business, civil society, academia and the technical community to discuss public policy issues related to Internet Governance." Topics will include artificial intelligence, cybercrime, online hate... Read More