Philippines, Singapore to partner on data protection

(Sep 12, 2019) Data protection authorities from Singapore and the Philippines have announced they've agreed to work cooperatively and combine their efforts in data protection and cross-border data flow, BusinessWorld reports. The signing of the memorandum of understanding allows Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission and the Philippines National Privacy Commission to share best practices on data protection. Philippines Privacy Commissioner Raymund Liboro hopes to "foster innovation" through the collab... Read More

NZ Media Council rules article breached interviewee's privacy

(Sep 12, 2019) Stuff reports the New Zealand Media Council has asked the Sunday Star-Times to remove information from an article after revealing it stemmed from a breach of privacy. Julie Thoms sought to withhold mention of a family member from the story when she was interviewed by the Star-Times, which made mention of the person anyway. The Star-Times and its reporter insisted that Thoms merely asked for the exclusion of the family member's name but admitted there was a misunderstanding.Full Story... Read More

Nominees for European Commission posts revealed

(Sep 10, 2019) Politico reports European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen announced her nominations for executive vice presidents, vice presidents and commissioners. Denmark's Margrethe Vestager will serve as both the executive vice president for digital and competition commissioner. Belgium's Didier Reynders has been selected as justice commissioner, a position that will deal with data protection and consumer protection. The Czech Republic's Věra Jourová‏ was nominated as vice president of valu... Read More

DMVs are selling data to private investigators

(Sep 9, 2019) Across the U.S., Departments of Motor Vehicles are selling drivers' personal information to businesses and private investigators, who then make a profit from using that data, Vice reports. Selling information to private investigators is legal as a result of the 1994 Driver's Privacy Protection Act, but privacy advocates are calling for a change to the law. "The selling of personally identifying information to third parties is broadly a privacy issue for all and specifically a safety issue for su... Read More

US to deploy fake social media accounts to monitor immigrants

(Sep 3, 2019) ABC News reports U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to use fake social media accounts to keep tabs on individuals seeking visas, green cards and citizenship. A ban on law enforcement using fake accounts was reversed last week when a published review by the Department of Homeland Security found no potential privacy issues related to the monitoring. A USCIS statement explained the change will help simplify searches for potential evidence of fraud or security concerns as the agency dec... Read More

Greek MEP: GDPR has potential to 'hinder' AI development

(Aug 27, 2019) In an interview with EURACTIV, Greek Member of European Parliament Eva Kaili discussed how the EU will approach its digital agenda over the next five years, including comments on how ethical artificial intelligence could be stymied by the EU General Data Protection Regulation. "Although a great achievement, the GDPR includes provisions which could potentially hinder the development of data-driven, self-learning algorithmic systems," Kaili said, citing Article 22 as one of the potential hurdles. ... Read More

Privacy ethics battle sparked over use of genealogy sites to aid litigation

(Jul 2, 2019) The use of genealogy sites to help prosecutors convict criminals has created a privacy ethics dilemma, The New York Times reports. Genetic information from GEDmatch recently helped prosecutors convict a man in a 32-year-old murder case, and Genetic Genealogist CeCe Moore said such information “will become a regular, accepted part of law enforcement investigations.” Public access to the genetic information is the privacy issue at hand as “genealogy influencers” have debated whether the use of suc... Read More