Published: September 2019

The California Consumer Privacy Act is the most sweeping privacy law in the United States and rivals the EU General Data Protection Regulation in terms of the shift it will require in mindset and business for all persons, organizations and enterprises processing personal information about California residents.

Businesses must begin preparing – and rapidly – for the statute. Substantial steps need to be taken to comply with eight new consumer rights and corresponding business obligations, plus three additional independent business obligations. This book is organized in a practical format for of these eight rights and corresponding business obligations.

Additionally, seven appendices provide specific application of the law to digital advertising and analytics, retailers, the medical industry, financial industry, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and business-to-business relationships. 

This book aims to help the person who is leading a business’s CCPA efforts so they can have a handle on what is necessary to comply and make risk-based choices about how best to proceed. The point is to help companies that do not wish to be the target of class-action activity after the CCPA’s January 1, 2020, effective date to avoid becoming “low-hanging fruit.”

Credits: 2

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