White Paper – Succeeding at the Intersection of Security and Privacy

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Published: July 2019Click To View (PDF)

For years, data compromises have seemingly followed a power law curve, with high-frequency/low-magnitude security events coupled with some less frequent but increasingly high-magnitude events. As the magnitude of these data compromises continued to exceed previous records and reach into the billions of records compromised, pundits and experts alike declared each passing year the year of the breach. And with each record-breaking breach, the focus remained on the technical, security issues with much less attention paid to privacy.

However, 2018 was an inflection point wherein the razor-sharp focus on security began to blur with a growing emphasis on privacy as the impact of unauthorized data access shook both the private sector as well as the public conscience.

This white paper covers the intersection of the security and privacy industries, incorporating how privacy laws, cybersecurity challenges and increased attention has affected the crossover of these spaces.

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