Web Conference: The Uncertainty of OSHA & CMS Regulations – What You Need to Know Today

Original broadcast date: 30 November 2021

As OSHA and CMS released their COVID-19 Vaccination regulations for businesses, with it came a great deal of uncertainty. As these regulations are challenged, evolve, and come to fruition, we want to be a source of information for you so that you can understand and comply when the time comes. In this web conference panelists will discuss what they know about the OSHA ETS and CMS regulations and how you can start preparing today.

Dan Clarke, President, Truyo
Michael Hellbusch, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, Partner, Data Privacy and Security Counsel, Rutan & Tucker
Edson McClellan, Partner, Employment & Labor Section Chair, Rutan & Tucker
Jeff Sizemore, Chief Governance Officer, Egnyte