Last Updated: June 2016

Increasingly, c-suite executives and board members have questions about their companies' cybersecurity practices — or lack thereof. This series provides high-level answers to some of those questions, specifically focusing on the development of cybersecurity policies, incident-response plans, liability of board members and executives for data breaches and the attorney-client privilege for cybersecurity investigations.

Part 1: What is Cybersecurity?

Part 2: Liabilities after a Data Breach

Part 3: Attorney-client Privilege and Work Product Doctrine

Part 4: Explaining the NIST Framework

Part 5: State Laws and Breach Notification Requirements

Part 6: Data Breach and Security Vulnerability Reporting Obligations to Shareholders and the SEC

Part 7: Lawsuits stemming from Data Breaches

Part 8: Examining insurance coverage for data breaches