AI Leadership in Action (AI Governance Global, an IAPP event 2023)

Original broadcast date: 2 Nov. 2023

This panel is a window into the efforts of industry leaders to leverage existing governance procedures in privacy and other domains as they tackle artificial intelligence governance challenges. Panelists shared examples and lessons learned from engaging with product teams and the C-suite to ensure AI systems meet privacy requirements, while also addressing the additional equities and risks at issue from the training and deployment of AI. Ohio State University Mortiz College of Law professor Dennis Hirsch shared his knowledge of governance and accountability by highlighting the diverging paths companies are taking to prepare for a regulated AI future. What are the biggest risks we face? In comparing and contrasting these expert perspectives, other professionals can better understand how to adapt their own internal structures to the demands of new risks. When responsibility is shared, how do we make sure we get it right?

Panel: Moderator Dennis Hirsch, Rohit Chauhan, Patrice Ettinger, Pagona Tsormpatzoudi, Jane Von Kirchbach.

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