Bamberger, Mulligan talk 'Privacy on the Ground'

At the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2016, keynote speakers and 2016 IAPP Leadership Award winners Kenneth Bamberger and Deirdre Mulligan discuss their newly-published privacy opus, "Privacy on the Ground." Said Bamberger, "we looked under the hood to see what really mattered. [The research] looked at the corporate privacy leaders of five different countries: the United States, Germany, France, Spain, and the U.K. We did scores of interviews with chief privacy and data protection officers, with engineers, with lawyers, with advocates and regulators. And it turns out that all of this discussion about privacy on the books, all of these articles, these debates, these hearings, they missed something crucial about what really matters." Their oversight? "They missed you. They missed the crucial role of the privacy professional," Mulligan said. Watch the full video on YouTube.

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