It’s official. Training for the IAPP’s Certified Information Privacy Professional/U.S. Government (CIPP/G)—the first publicly available privacy certification created for U.S. federal, state, county and local government employees—is now available online.

The CIPP/G program was created by the IAPP with the assistance of privacy officers from many federal agencies as well as such state agencies as the California Department of Consumer Affairs and government services vendors IBM Corporation, SRA International and MITRE Corporation. With the addition of CIPP/G, privacy pros now have online training options for five certification programs as training. CIPP/US, CIPP/C, CIPP/E and CIPM are already available for purchase through the IAPP website.

IAPP Certification Training Manager Nikki Grassis explained that for privacy pros deciding between in-person and online training, the choice is truly a matter of preference, as the content for the training program remains the same in both formats. Online training provides an option for those who are unable to travel to regional onsite training opportunities or those who prefer preparing for the exam on an individual basis.

CIPP/G’s focus is on U.S. government privacy laws, regulations and policies specific to government practice—and those more broadly applicable to the public and private sectors—as well as government-standard practices for privacy program development and management; privacy compliance and auditing; records management, and agency reporting obligations for privacy. Subject matter areas include U.S. laws that compel the disclosure of personal data; private-sector privacy laws exerting certain requirements on government organizations; information laws for U.S. government practice, and program controls for government privacy professionals, to name a few.

While most of the current online trainings are Flash-based, an iPad-compatible version of CIPP/G is now available and one for CIPM will be released in the near future.

More about the CIPP/G can be found here. CIPP/G and each of the other available CIPP/CIPM online trainings are available in the IAPP’s online store.

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Jennifer Saunders, CIPP/US


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