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European Data Protection Law: Corporate Regulation and Compliance
By Christopher Kuner
Oxford University Press

Early in his career, Christopher Kuner cut his teeth on European data protection law while working at a large German firm. He worked in corporate law, but kept seeing data protection questions pop up as companies merged and pooled databases. "Gradually,"he says, "the data protection issues began eating up all my time."

Some years have passed, privacy has entered the mainstream, and the same issues continue to eat Kuner's time. It's his full-standing specialty at Hunton & Williams, where he heads the International Privacy and Information Management Practice from his office in Brussels

Recently Kuner released the second edition of his book European Data Protection Law: Corporate Regulation and Compliance. The 550-page tome covers European data protection law with a focus on areas of interest to companies.
Since the first edition in 2002, "privacy has obviously exploded," says Kuner. Because of that, the new edition is double the size with a greatly expanded scope. European data protection supervisor Peter Hustinx wrote the foreword. Recently, the book became the first in-depth treatise on European data protection law to be published in Chinese.

For more information: catalogue/?ci=9780199283859

"Kuner's diligence is evident in his research, his skill demonstrated by the book's accessible prose, and his practitioner's sensibilities shown by his practical explanations and reference to the underlying texts. This book is a must for any serious privacy practitioner's library."

—D. Reed Freeman, Partner, Kelley, Drye & Warren LLP


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