Debix Launches Identity Theft Solution to U.S. Consumers

Debix, the Identity Protection Network, recently announced that it stopped a record 71 identity theft attacks in August while safely opening more than 10,000 new credit accounts for its 275,000 members and banks.
Debix defeats identity thieves with Debix Identity Protection, a consumer service that stops identity thieves from taking out loans and credit cards using stolen personal information. The service is now available to U.S. consumers over the age of 18 through its numerous partners, including Affinion, LoudSiren and Identity Force, as well as on its Web site,
Debix Instant AuthorizationTM is the patent-pending technology that provides instant and secure communication among consumers and banks, enabling them to exchange identities without having a prior relationship. Consumers positively know whether or not they applied for a credit card or account, and with Debix, they can stop an identity thief just by pressing the star key. Before a new credit account is opened, banks will send Debix members a secure, automated phone call prompting them to authorize or reject the transaction.


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