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Here’s your forum – an old school email chain. The IAPP Privacy List connects you with thousands of members with the click of a button. Send your questions or comments to the List via your personal email and receive feedback straight to your inbox. Before you get started, please read the user guidelines for what you can and cannot post, and to review best practices.

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    The Privacy List is moderated, and all messages are reviewed before being approved. The IAPP retains the right to modify or block any messages that don’t meet our guidelines, such as:

    • Petitions, jokes, slander, chain letters, alerts, calls-to-action, resume posting, job announcements and personal ventures.
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    • “Thanks” or other perfunctory messages. Make sure each message is substantive.
    • Plans to meet up at events, making study groups, etc. All email addresses are public once posted, allowing you to make these connections off the Privacy List platform, directly to the people interested.

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    Now for the fine print:

    • All content that users contribute via e-mail to the IAPP Privacy List becomes the property of the IAPP and may be published on the IAPP website or other locations at the IAPP’s discretion. If you do not wish to share certain information with the public, do not include it in your posting.
    • We will never sell or exchange users’ names or e-mail addresses with any other party or organization without the explicit permission of the user.
    • We strongly support Internet privacy and oppose the unsolicited sending of messages (SPAM). We reserve the right to interpret whether activities constitute spamming or other unauthorized violations. If we determine that spamming or other activities that violate our published guidelines are occurring, we reserve the right to terminate list subscriptions without advance notice.
    • We require that our members abide by all copyright, obscenity and other laws governing content of publications in the United States of America.
    • We reserve the right to block access to or from any IP address, mail server, domain or e-mail address without warning or recourse.
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