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The greatest data-driven products and services aren’t great until privacy is part of the equation. Come to IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019 and see how privacy and technology can work together to make innovation and data protection synonymous.

Join us in Las Vegas for a packed agenda of breakout sessions and workshops on privacy-technology convergence, insightful keynote speakers, outstanding networking opportunities, and training for career advancement. Speakers will tackle topics ranging from artificial intelligence to the Internet of things at a practical, operational level. Learn solid fundamentals such as key indicators for managing risk and conducting effective privacy impact assessments (PIAs). Move on to advanced subjects like privacy by design, artificial design, preventing “dark” data and more.

It’s all at P.S.R. in the elegance of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas resort. Sign up now to be there at the industry’s largest convergence of privacy and technology.

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Keynote Speakers to Expand Your Perspective


Tom Wheeler

Former Chairman of the FCC, Digital Entrepreneur, Author

Wheeler’s view of technology-driven change was formed by business success and protecting the public interest.


Currently a visiting fellow with the Brookings Institution, his speeches draw on this experience to discuss technology and the innovative and intrapreneurial business strategies that allow businesses and executives to be change leaders rather than collateral damage.

Relentlessly Practical, Operationally Focused Breakout Sessions


Digital Identity is the Wizard Behind the Curtain

Digital identity is the financial industry’s key to an Emerald City laden with profitable new services. But it faces a long journey down the Yellow Brick Road before it’s accepted, and it will need help from the “Good Witch”—privacy—to get there. In the breakout session “Be the Wiz at Digital Identity in Financial Technology,” a panel of industry experts will share strategies and real-life examples to help organizations “ease on down the road” to working digital identity into product development. No silver or ruby slippers required.


Delete That Data Before It Goes Dark

If you think hitting the “delete” button is hard, try having your data go “dark” and regressing from asset to liability. Learn how to make friends with the delete key at the panel “Delete: The Button No One Wants to Press.” Panelists will describe how to visualize data, extrapolate value, and mitigate risk so you’ll know when it should stay and when it should go.


What Would You Do? Match Wits With All-Star Privacy Professionals

Put yourself in the shoes of top data protection officers from GlaxoSmithKline, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, T Rowe Price and PA Consulting in the breakout session “Think Fast! Simulated Decision Making with Global Privacy Leaders.” Panelists will split the audience into four groups, give them tricky privacy situations to unravel, and offer guidance on what does and does not work.

Make Connections at World-Class Networking Events

P.S.R. draws a diverse crowd of privacy, data security and technology professionals from all over the world. Meet them and expand your community at IAPP networking events.

Privacy Engineering Section Forum

Come to the forum on Sept. 23 to explore the convergence of information technology and privacy management.




The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV
+1 702.698.7575



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