CIPP Certification

Putting privacy law to work

The CIPP credential says you know privacy laws and regulations and how to apply them. It also says you know how to secure your place in the information economy. No wonder it’s our most popular program.

Now certified under ANSI/ISO standard 17024:2012. Learn more.

Certified Information Privacy Professional

The “what” of privacy, and why you need it.

Originally launched in 2004 as the first professional certification ever offered in information privacy, the CIPP has become the preeminent credential in the field. It’s also the IAPP’s single largest educational program with several thousand certified professionals working in the field today (and earning more than they did before certification!)

There are five CIPP concentrations, each focused on a specific region or sector:

  • Canada (CIPP/C)
  • Europe (CIPP/E)
  • U.S. Government (CIPP/G)
  • U.S. private-sector (CIPP/US)
  • Asia (CIPP/A) - Beta Test Coming Fall 2016
    We invite you to be among the first to earn this much-anticipated new IAPP certification. While training is not currently available, we have compiled this list of obtainable resources, each of which will help you prepare for the exam.  Details on beta tests coming shortly.

When you earn a CIPP credential, it means you’ve gained a foundational understanding of broad global concepts of privacy and data protection law and practice, as well as knowledge and perspective of how these components apply to and impact your area of concentration.

  • Jurisdictional laws, regulations and enforcement models, or rules and standards
  • Essential privacy concepts and principals
  • Legal requirements for handling and transferring data


What you'll learn

Each CIPP concentration has a complete body of knowledge that outlines all the concepts and topics that you need to know to become certified. And each also has an exam blueprint that gives you an idea of how many questions from each topic area you can expect on the exam.

Still have questions? Read the IAPP Certification Information Candidate Handbook to find out everything you ever wanted to know about IAPP certification.



Find out how to prepare for your CIPP exams.