Brandon Ellett, CIPT


Costco Wholesale

Privacy/Compliance Analyst III

I started out my IT career in fraud and loss prevention, where I dealt with Costco E-commerce orders and worked with many banks and law enforcement agencies to reduce fraud basis points. I then transferred to the Vendor Risk Management team at Costco Wholesale, where I worked through both PCI and Privacy regulations to drive compliance. In 2018, I was appointed as the lead of the Privacy team, where we strengthened our processes to increase efficiencies around vendor assessments. In 2019, I transitioned to the IT Privacy Team at Costco Wholesale, where we are currently implementing CCPA requirements. My primary focus at this time is around delete functions associated with consumer requests. I always enjoy a challenge and have a true passion for privacy, as I know I get to not only protect our company, but all the members that Costco who we are. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends at the beach.