Naz Değirmenci




Naz Değirmenci is an Associate Attorney at BTS & Partners. She graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Law (LL.B.) (2012). She has earned the European Privacy Certification (CIPP/E) of International Association of Privacy Protection (IAPP) in 2015.

Naz Değirmenci monitors the advancements in the ICT sector; follows up statutory changes and adoptions, participates in the process of ICT market legal risk analysis and preparation of regulatory and technical compliance reports. 

She has experience in a number of different areas some of which are social media, prevention of infringements resulting from internet content, trademark infringements through domain names, and data protection. She has also experience in working with both local and multinational companies and provides clients legal advice and memoranda on topics, including privacy and data protection, internet regulation, IPRs, E-Commerce and Telecommunications.


Contributions by Naz Değirmenci