PCLOB report further divides FISA Section 702 reauthorization talks

(Sep 28, 2023) The debate over reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act will be a hot topic in privacy circles right up to the December 2... Read More

EDPB adopts guidelines on law enforcement data transfer safeguards

(Sep 28, 2023) The European Data Protection Board adopted guidelines on application of Article 37 of the Law Enforcement Directive. In addition to "practical guidance," the... Read More

Finland's DPA lifts Russian data transfer ban

(Sep 27, 2023) Reuters reports Finland's Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman suspended a Read More

The IAPP's top 5 most-read articles for the week of 18 Sept. 2023

(Sep 22, 2023) We know there is a lot of news to sift through these days. To help, we have gathered the top headlines of the week for you. Read More

UK-US Data Bridge becomes law, takes effect 12 Oct.

(Sep 21, 2023) The distance between London and Washington is 3,674 miles. Despite the distance, it is, and has long-been, a well-traveled journey. In a former role, it is a... Read More

UK-US adequacy finalized, takes effect 12 Oct.

(Sep 21, 2023) U.K. Parliament approved secondary regulations to finalize a U.K.-U.S. adequacy agreement. The agreement and complementary regulations to facilitate U.K.-U.S... Read More

DOJ creates webpage for EU-US DPF Data Protection Review Court process

(Sep 19, 2023) The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties added the U.K. as a qualified jurisdiction, whose citizens can seek legal redress under ... Read More

UK-US data-flows agreement imminent

(Sep 18, 2023) The U.K. government will announce an updated data transfer agreement with the U.S. as early as 21 Sept., Politico reports. The deal was previously alluded to... Read More

Members of German Parliament support petition to invalidate EU-US DPF

(Sep 18, 2023) The petition... Read More

ANPD extends public consultation deadline for draft international data transfers regulation

(Sep 14, 2023) Brazil's data protection authority, the Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados, extended the deadline for its public consultation on the draft Regulation o... Read More