Rethinking the role of CPOs: Prioritizing operationalizing privacy controls over legal expertise

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A view from Brussels: The EU GDPR and 'Pandora's box'

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Privacy Commissioner of Canada – Annual Reports

(Sep 19, 2023) The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada released its "2022–2023 Annual Report." The report outlines the the departments private-sector investigation... Read More

What AI Governance Leaders are Thinking About

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Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, 15 Sept. 2023

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A view from Brussels: AI a hot topic among German regulators

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Colorado seeks assistant attorney general for privacy, cybersecurity

(Sep 12, 2023) The Colorado attorney general's office is soliciting applications for an assistant attorney general with exclusive attention to privacy and cybersecurity. Th... Read More

Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, 8 Sept. 2023

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Notes from the Asia-Pacific region, 8 Sept. 2023

(Sep 7, 2023) Kia ora koutou, The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand participated in a global effort to highlight illegal scraping of personal infor... Read More