Lockheed CPO nominated for VA post

(Jun 23, 2017) Lockheed Martin CPO James Byrne, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, CIPT, FIP, former chairman of the IAPP board of directors, has been nominated by U.S. President Donald Trump to serve as general counsel of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Byrne has a long history of public service. Before joining Lockheed Martin in 2008, Byrne served with the Office of the United States Special Counsel and worked extensively with the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. Byrne was also a deployed M... Read More

Dara Murphy no longer serving as data protection minister

(Jun 22, 2017) The Irish Times reports on a shake-up in Ireland's legislature, which has lead to the demotion of Cork North Central's Dara Murphy, who was also serving as the minister of state for data protection and European affairs. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar made the new appointments earlier this week. Murphy was told of his demotion during a call with Varadkar. "He said he had to reward his supporters," Murphy said. The move is a disappointment for Murphy, who, along with Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Charlie Flana... Read More

Samantha Gavel named NSW privacy commissioner

(Jun 22, 2017) Samantha Gavel will take over the position of New South Wales privacy commissioner from Elizabeth Coombs, The Mandarin reports. Gavel is currently the national health practitioner ombudsman and privacy commissioner. She had previously held the position of private health insurance ombudsman for six years. “She has extensive experience in raising awareness about privacy rights, investigating complaints, resolving disputes and helping agencies meet their obligations to protect the personal informat... Read More

UN privacy rapporteur on first fact-finding visit to US

(Jun 21, 2017) United Nations Special Rapporteur Joseph Cannataci is undertaking his first official visit to the U.S. The visit started June 19 and runs through June 27. He plans to talk about security and surveillance issues, big data, health care and personal data processed by private organizations, according to a UN press release. "I will place particular focus on the efficacy and proportionality of intrusive measures, identify problematic areas and best practices, and make recommendations for the way forwa... Read More

IAPP members commemorate Pride Month with events, LinkedIn group

(Jun 20, 2017) As a newly minted lawyer starting out in the privacy profession, I have been struck by the intimacy of the IAPP community, the eagerness with which privacy pros share their knowledge and reach out for advice in this constantly developing field. Over my past 10 months with the IAPP, I have come to appreciate the role the organization plays as a conduit for exchanging ideas and building connections between privacy professionals. The important accomplishments of the IAPP as an organization do not ... Read More

FTC releases final agenda for connected cars workshop

(Jun 20, 2017) The Federal Trade Commission has released the final agenda for its workshop on the privacy and security issues raised by automated and connected cars. The workshop, slated for June 28, will include insight from industry representatives, consumer advocates, academics and government officials. The workshop panels will look into the types of data connected cars produce, collect and share; cybersecurity challenges; the privacy implications of connected cars; and the roles government agencies will pl... Read More

Event: 'Modernizing Cross-Border Surveillance Law for the Cloud Era'

(Jun 20, 2017) The Heritage Foundation will host an event titled “Digital Security and Due Process: Modernizing Cross-Border Surveillance Law for the Cloud Era” June 22. Google Senior Vice President and General Counsel Kent Walker will speak during the event. Walker will cover the best ways for law enforcement agencies to gather digital evidence in a timely manner, protecting consumers’ privacy rights, acknowledging nations’ sovereign rights, and avoiding the “Balkanization” of the global internet.Full Story... Read More

ICO to host three data protection events this week

(Jun 20, 2017) The U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office will be hosting three data-protection events this week. On June 20 and 21, the ICO will host the 29th European Data Protection Case Handling Workshop, where 60 delegates from 28 different authorities will discuss implementing the General Data Protection Regulation and its effect on their countries. On June 21 and 22, the ICO and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada will co-host the inaugural Global Privacy Enforcement Network Enforcement Practitioners Wor... Read More

IAPP members commemorate Pride Month

(Jun 20, 2017) "IAPP members prove time and again the importance of connectedness to a professional association. Whether they are organizing one of the dozens of local KnowledgeNet chapters or volunteering to speak at a web conference, privacy professionals always seem to be coming up with new ways to trade ideas and business cards," writes IAPP Westin Fellow Cobun Keegan, CIPP/US, CIPM. "This year during Pride Month, a group of IAPP members has been working hard behind the scenes to build a lasting network of... Read More

How Facebook has organized its DPO role

(Jun 19, 2017) At last week's Data Summit, held in Dublin and organized by the Irish government, the mandatory data protection officer required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation was a frequent topic of presentations and conversations. While many organizations are still deliberating as to where the DPO might sit and what qualifications might look like, Facebook took the opportunity to put its stake in the ground. In this piece for The Privacy Advisor, IAPP Content Director Sam Pfeifle speaks with Fac... Read More