GMU to host second Digital Information Privacy Scholars Conference

(Mar 29, 2017) George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School's Program on Economics & Privacy will host its second annual Digital Information Policy Scholars Conference, the organization announced. The April 28 event in Arlington, Virginia, will feature 14 original research papers on topics like state data breaches and tougher data flow regimes, as well as a luncheon keynote from the Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Economics, Ginger Jin.Full Story... Read More

Brazilian firm making a name for itself in league of its own

(Mar 28, 2017) Thiago Louís Sombra is celebrating, and with reason. April 2 marks the one-year anniversary of his firm, Odon Sombra Advogados, in Brazil. It’s a considerable accomplishment in its own right; Brazil — and to a larger extent, Latin America — doesn’t have a uniform privacy law, nor does it have many law firms specializing in privacy. So, maybe on his home turf he’s sort of a professional anomaly. But he brushes past this distinction in discussing Odon Sombra Advogados and its work defending client... Read More

Privacy Laws & Business celebrates its 30th anniversary

(Mar 28, 2017) The Stewart Dresner-helmed Privacy Laws and Business organization is celebrating it 30th anniversary as one of the industry’s premiere advisory and consulting firms. The firm, however, didn’t start as a firm; rather, it was the brainchild of the then-business journalist Dresner who found the subject of new laws — privacy and data protection — interesting enough that he pitched the idea of a privacy-centric publication to his editors. At the time, they argued it was “too niche,” but let him go for it anyway. The result? Privacy Laws and Business. Read More

'Design Jam’ provides new approach to data transparency and control

(Mar 28, 2017) Earlier this month in Berlin, Germany, organizations including service innovation consultancy Work Play Experience, business consultancy Ctrl-Shift, the University of Southampton, and Facebook piloted a unique workshop — called a Design Jam — dedicated to re-inventing the way we help people understand and manage how their data is used. Our goal: use design thinking — the methods used by designers to make technology usable and our lives simpler — to give people better visibility and control over ... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: A conversation with Zoe Strickland

(Mar 28, 2017) Meet Zoe Strickland, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, CIPT. She's a a privacy pro of the first order, having taken charge and running privacy programs around the profession's dawn in 2000, and working with the IAPP before it even was the IAPP. What keeps her sticking around? She explains. Read More

Initiative aims to operationalize consent

(Mar 27, 2017) In a column for Medium, Shaun Conway discusses attempts around the world to provide means for operationalizing consent, while also presenting the goals of MyData: "a vision and set of guiding technical principles for how we, as individuals, can have more control over the data trails we leave behind us in our everyday actions." Conway describes a number of recent initiatives to operationalize consent, including Eve Maler's User Managed Access initiative. To help continue addressing managed consen... Read More

Health care leaders to assemble at privacy forum

(Mar 27, 2017) Protenus will host a two-day forum with representatives from the privacy and analytics community to discuss health information security, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and HIPAA concerns, Protenus announced in a press release. The event will serve as an opportunity for "privacy professionals to learn from peer organizations’ experiences, exchange best practices, and use their collective expertise to advance standards for protecting patient privacy," the report states. Organizations rep... Read More

Australian privacy commissioner to host international privacy conferences

(Mar 23, 2017) Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim will host the Data + Privacy Asia Pacific conference in Sydney this July. The one-day, international conference on July 12, "will feature a diverse program of international speakers and leading privacy and cybersecurity experts from the public and private sectors,” Pilgrim said. He added that the conference is expected to draw more than 300 delegates. Additionally, Pilgrim will host a two-day gathering of the Asia Pacific Privacy Au... Read More

Criado-Perez talks how big data affects women at DPI 2017

(Mar 21, 2017) At the IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive 2017 in London last week, author of "Do It Like a Woman" and the leader of a successful movement to get female representation on U.K. banknotes, Caroline Criado-Perez, discussed how women are affected by the ways society uses data. "I'm talking about how often we seem to forget women are 50 percent of the population, in all sorts of areas," she said. "And in particular, this is a problem when we start talking about big data — because if the data doesn... Read More

On the need to bridge the gender-data gap

(Mar 17, 2017) In her keynote address at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Intensive in London this week, Caroline Criado-Perez gave a sobering account of why privacy professionals should take seriously the job of bridging the gender-data gap, especially in this age of big data. Criado-Perez, a journalist, studies how women are affected by data uses in society by experimenting a bit. She looks at how data is aggregated in industries like transportation, medicine and the workplace and is troubled by the imbalance... Read More