OPC asked to investigate vehicle data collection

(Jul 12, 2019) The Freedom of Information and Privacy Association has asked the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to investigate the data collection practices of vehicles within the country, the Vancouver Sun reports. In addition to the complaint, the group also sent the OPC a new version of its 2015 “The Connected Car” report. The study examined the privacy practices of 36 vehicle manufacturers to see what data they collected and how it was used. “Some things are better than they were,” said Vincen... Read More

NHS allows Amazon to answer website inquiries via Alexa

(Jul 11, 2019) The U.K. National Health Services and Amazon have reached an agreement to allow Alexa devices to scan the NHS website to answer inquiries through the use of algorithms, BBC News reports. NHS and Amazon first announced the partnership last year, and the health care agency has started to negotiate similar deals with other tech companies, such as Microsoft. Big Brother Watch Director Silkie Carlo criticized the arrangement for its negative privacy implications. Amazon said it will not build profile... Read More

Op-ed: Approach to state drone laws could ease privacy concerns

(Jul 8, 2019) The Uniform Law Commission is meeting this month to debate and vote on model state legislation concerning drones. In an article for TechCrunch, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International CEO and President Brian Wynne and Consumer Technology Association CEO Gary Shapiro write the ULC’s current proposal “appropriately balances the rights of property owners with the needs of drone operators to access airspace.” If enacted by state legislatures, courts would be the deciding factor whethe... Read More

White paper examines privacy issues with connected vehicles

(Jul 3, 2019) Booz Allen Hamilton released a white paper titled “Driving Away with Your Data.” The white paper covers privacy issues raised by connected vehicles. Booz Allen Hamilton offers best practices for operationalizing privacy through its Auto Alliance’s Privacy Principles, with a focus on transparency, consumer choice, context, data minimization, deidentification and retention, data security, integrity and access, and accountability as data collection becomes more prevalent. “As seen with similar tech... Read More

Privacy and Connected Vehicles

(Jul 2, 2019) This white paper, published by Booz Allen Hamilton, provides an overview of privacy issues raised by connected vehicles, using the Auto Alliance's Privacy Principles as a framework for the analysis. Click To View (PDF)... Read More

How much data privacy does one robot dog gather?

(Jul 1, 2019) Sony’s robot dog Aibo includes artificial intelligence, sensors and microphones that help it interact with people and cameras that recognize faces as the dog wanders through a user’s home. CNET's Ry Crist takes a look at how much data Aibo takes in on any given day, as well as how Sony uses that information. Aibo hears commands through its microphones but does not record and send audio to the cloud, the report states. Crist notes that even though Sony can't hear users, the company can see how Ai... Read More

Sidewalk Labs makes data privacy commitment in Toronto smart-city plan

(Jun 25, 2019) Following ongoing backlash from privacy advocates, Sidewalk Labs has confirmed it will not sell advertisers the personal data collected from its Sidewalk Toronto smart-city project, Reuters reports. Sidewalk, a subsidiary of Alphabet, showed its new pledge to data privacy in its master plan for Sidewalk Toronto that was released Monday. In addition to refraining from selling personal data, Sidewalk CEO Dan Doctoroff said his company will not disclose personal information to third parties without... Read More

Google announces fix for bug used in Nest cameras

(Jun 21, 2019) Google has fixed an issue that allowed previous owners of Nest security cameras to continue to view a feed from the device, even after deregistering it from their account and without the new owner’s knowledge, The Verge reports. The issue affects Nest cameras connected to third-party partner services via Works with Nest. Last month, Google announced it was discontinuing the Works with Nest program in an effort to prevent third-party devices from accessing data captured by Nest devices. The fix u... Read More

George Zegarac named new Waterfront Toronto CEO

(Jun 21, 2019) Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure Deputy Minister George Zegarac has been named the new CEO of Waterfront Toronto, the Toronto Star reports. Zegarac will lead Waterfront Toronto and its senior management team by helping to develop long-term strategies for the organization as it continues to work on its smart-city project. “From my time with the government of Ontario, I have a particular appreciation for the incredible work of Waterfront Toronto over the past almost two decades, as well as its p... Read More

Ga. Supreme Court set to hear auto data privacy case

(Jun 19, 2019) The American Civil Liberties Union will argue before the Georgia Supreme Court that police should obtain a warrant to access data collected by cars, CNET reports. Currently, police only need probable cause to search vehicles, including the data collected in the car’s infotainment system and black box. In the case Mobley v. State, Victor Mobley is appealing a reckless driving conviction, claiming police did not have a search warrant for the data collected from his car citing he had an expectation... Read More