Researchers identify vulnerability of internet-connected cars

(Nov 25, 2020) The COSIC group at the University of Leuven in Belgium found they could hack and steal an $80,000 internet-connected Tesla SUV in minutes through a Bluetooth... Read More

Global News Roundup: Nov. 17–23, 2020

(Nov 23, 2020) In this week’s Privacy Tracker global legislative roundup, Canada introduced new federal privacy legislation that would provide Canadians with enhanced contr... Read More

Software gives law enforcement access to home security cameras

(Nov 11, 2020) Police in a handful of U.S. states are utilizing software that taps into home security cameras with consumers' consent, Business Insider reports. Departments... Read More

Mass. ballot initiative comes with questions on vehicle data access

(Nov 2, 2020) The fate of the California Privacy Rights Act may be the vote privacy professionals will be locked into on election night, but another ballot initiative in M... Read More

Mass. ballot initiative raises questions around vehicle data access

(Nov 2, 2020) It is almost time to lay the 2020 U.S. election season to rest, and with luck, the results of many highly anticipated races will arrive with clarity. Privacy... Read More

Amazon faces new BIPA suit over 'voiceprints'

(Oct 20, 2020) Gizmodo reports Amazon is facing a lawsuit over violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act related to the alleged storage of voice recordin... Read More

Discussions on DSRs, AI privacy highlight GPA newsletter

(Oct 16, 2020) The Global Privacy Assembly released the October edition of its newsletter. Among the submissions were observations from United Nations Special Rapporteur on... Read More

Singapore unveils cybersecurity plan

(Oct 8, 2020) Singapore's government unveiled its latest cybersecurity masterplan, which Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said is needed to combat a high volume of dai... Read More

Amazon aims for Echo privacy boost with AI chip

(Oct 6, 2020) Amazon's deployment of the AZ1 Neural Edge processor in recent Echo device rollouts will enhance user privacy, BiometricUpdate reports. Amazon's Echo Show 10... Read More

Amazon introduces biometric payment system

(Sep 30, 2020) TechCrunch reports Amazon rolled out Amazon One, a biometric payment system that identifies individuals with a palm scan. Users will hover their palm over th... Read More