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The findings presented in this report are the result of a collaborative research project between the IAPP and EY studying the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on privacy teams around the world. Two surveys of privacy professionals were fielded: the first one in April, and the second one in mid-October/early November of 2020. These surveys gauged the responses of privacy professionals, in particular, and organizations, in general, to a range of issues, including remote work, employee health monitoring and the adoption of new technology. It also looked at how COVID-19 was reshaping the priorities of organizations, day-to-day tasks of privacy professionals, and staffing
and budgets of privacy teams. Public-private data-sharing arrangements, steps involved in expediting privacy and security reviews, and contracts with third-party vendors to process sensitive employee health information related to COVID-19 all also fell within the scope of the study.

The present report contains findings from the second wave of the survey, conducted late in fall 2020. It compares these responses to those compiled earlier in the year and presented in the first report with the aim of uncovering trends over time and providing a benchmark for how organizations are addressing novel issues and concerns introduced by the pandemic.

Privacy in the Wake of COVID-19, Part 1: Remote Work, Employee Health Monitoring and Data Sharing

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