Research Advisory Board Roles and Expectations

The IAPP’s Research Advisory Board participates in the development of the IAPP research agenda and leadership of the IAPP Westin Research Center. Board members also help provide research resources, expertise, and connections to experts around the world, and may identify research funding opportunities.

The board is led by IAPP Vice President of Research and Education Omer Tene and Research Director Rita Heimes. The group meets at the Global Privacy Summit and the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress, and in-between meets bi-monthly via teleconference.

Research Advisory Board Expectations

All Research Advisory Board members are expected to:

  • Play a key role in developing the IAPP's research agenda
  • Regularly participate in all scheduled in-person meetings and teleconferences
  • Support the IAPP research and education function by providing regular guidance and insight
  • Help foster ties between the Westin Research Center and key academics, professionals and policymakers
  • Help identify and pursue research funding opportunities
  • Be advocates for the IAPP research program


All Research Advisory Board members are required to, at a minimum:

  • Serve a two-year term (renewable)
  • Attend and actively contribute to the meetings and teleconferences

Selection criteria

The board is comprised of at least six members, balanced, to the extent possible, by background (academic, professional), location and gender. Considerations for selection include:

  • Current IAPP membership in good standing (maintained throughout term)
  • Long-term or widely recognized excellence in academia or practice


  • Frame the IAPP research agenda for the IAPP Westin Research Center
  • Receive three continuing privacy education (CPE) credits per year of service


How to Apply

The Call for Volunteers opens every fall.