How do chairs know who their IAPP Staff Partner is?
Your IAPP Staff Partner should be reaching out to you regularly. If they are not, please email to get connected.

I’m having trouble finding a speaker or donated meeting space?
Your IAPP Staff Partner can help. Let them know what you’re looking for.

Does IAPP provide funding for a venue, speakers, or food/beverage?
No, the IAPP does not provide any monetary assistance. Our KnowledgeNet Chapter program has a unique structure (considered a grassroots program) in that, we encourage our chairs to enlist an entrepreneurial spirit to help find local collaborators to donate space and volunteer their time to speak.

Is it ok if someone wants to host the KnowledgeNet Chapter meeting and also participate as a speaker?
Yes, but you must have another speaker (in addition to the host speaker) that works at another organization. If your meeting features a single speaker, that speaker cannot be from the host venue; additionally, if your meeting features a panel with multiple speakers, each presenter should represent different areas of expertise. This is to encourage content and panel diversity.

If a company donates space and/or food and beverage, what do they receive in return?
The IAPP will thank collaborators on event communication and the event website. Chairs are encouraged to thank venue hosts and collaborators at the event.

Is there a way to gauge the audience in a chapter’s area?
Yes! The IAPP can send out a chapter survey on the chairs’ behalf to help them better understand the member audience and topics of interest in their area.

Can chapter events be held virtually?
Yes, educational meetings and networking activities can be held virtually. You will need to work with your Staff Partner to ensure the chosen virtual platform fits our requirements and fill out the Meeting Details Form.

How are invitations received?
Invitations are only sent to IAPP members who have opted-in to KnowledgeNet Updates in the Subscription Center. If you are still having trouble, check out this Email FAQ page or email

Can non-members attend KnowledgeNet Chapter meetings?
Guests and non-members can attend one meeting as space allows. They must create a free IAPP account and register through the IAPP.

Can non-members attend a KnowledgeNet Happy Hour or Coffee Chat networking activity?
Yes! These informal networking events are open to both members and non-members. Attendees are not eligible for CPE credit. They must create a free IAPP account and register through the IAPP.

My packages are getting stuck in customs. Is there a way to avoid this?
We are currently researching ways to better provide you with your meeting items in a timely manner. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we find the best solution.

Can the IAPP help boost event registration?
Yes! We will send out a second invitation one week before the meeting date and promote chapter meetings through the IAPP website, social media and publications. Chairs are welcome to forward the IAPP meeting invitation to their networks.

When will chairs receive attendee lists?
The IAPP will send the final sign-in sheets, which include the names and organizations of all registered attendees, the day before event. You may ask your staff partner for an update at anytime.

When do attendees receive CPE credit?
CPEs are awarded 2 weeks after the meeting date. Certified attendees will receive 1 credit per hour of educational content. Certified speakers will receive 3 credits per hour of content.

Do chairs receive extra CPE credit?
Yes! Certified KnowledgeNet Chapter chairs receive 3 CPE credits at the end of each year of their two-year term.

Are chairs permitted to advertise their event elsewhere?
Yes, but please do not include a separate registration link. All registrations for your meeting must come through the IAPP. You are welcome to share our registration link on social media or LinkedIn.

Is there a way to share presentation materials post-meeting?
Yes, contact your IAPP staff partner to help you distribute presentation materials post-meeting.

What is the best way to make sure attendees can validate their parking within large cities?
The IAPP can provide certificates of attendance post-meeting. We suggest that employees use this to provide their employer with proof of continuing education, and to warrant the validation of the fee.

Do chairs receive conference or certification discounts?
Currently, no. We are researching if this would be a possibility in the future and we encourage all members to take advantage of Early Bird pricing offers for conferences.

Is there a place for chapters to connect?
We encourage all chapters to create their own LinkedIn groups to help connect locally. These groups are 100% volunteer-driven and are not moderated or managed by IAPP staff. Their creation is at the discretion of the chairs. The use of other platforms, such as WhatsApp and Slack are not supported at this time. Please contact your Staff Partner for more guidance.