Upcoming IAPP Conferences

Training 21-22 September
Workshops 22 September
Conference 23-24 September
Los Angeles

IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. explores the inextricable connection between privacy and technology. It focuses on practical solutions for the operational challenges of managing privacy programs day in and day out. Come for insightful speakers, informative breakout sessions, and new connections with peers and experts.

Training 18-19 November
Workshops 19 November
Conference 20-21 November

Data protection professionals share insight and working knowledge as expectations for data protection increase with new legislation in multiple jurisdictions and across the globe. Join us in Brussels to learn the latest developments in data protection legislation and operations while expanding your network of connections.

26-27 November

Privacy professionals from Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand assemble for illuminating conversations on issues from the region and beyond. Join us in Melbourne for an agenda packed with insightful sessions and countless opportunities to connect with peers and experts.

Training 10-11 March
Workshops 11 March
Conference 12-13 March

DPI: UK brings together the leading voices on data protection in the U.K., with experts speaking on the latest regulations and new technologies that affect daily operations in the country. Stay ahead of developments in data protection and network with the top minds in the field.

Training 21-22 April
Workshops 22 April
Conference 23-24 April
Washington, D.C.

Summit is the privacy profession’s largest event. The agenda features keynote speakers and breakout sessions focused on the latest developments in privacy law, policy, governance and management. Use them to expand your knowledge while you also expand your circle of connections through a full schedule of networking events and meet-ups.

Training 10-11 May
Workshops 11 May
Conference 12-13 May

Hear regulators and other privacy experts discuss the latest developments in AI governance, children’s online privacy, global and provincial regulatory developments, healthcare regulations across provinces and more at Canada’s premier privacy conference.

17-18 July

Privacy and data protection professionals shaping the privacy landscape in Asia gather to discuss operational, national and global policies impacting privacy and data protection in the region and how to be prepared for new issues. Join us in July to expand your knowledge and your circle of connections.