Prepare for your certification in 5 steps.

They say nothing worth doing is easy. Earning your privacy certification is a good example. It’s not easy, but with proper preparation, you’ll find that it’s attainable and well worth the effort.

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We recommend that your preparation include the following:

  1. Self-assess. Look at the certification body of knowledge and exam blueprint to identify the areas where you need the most work. The body of knowledge is a comprehensive outline of all the subject matter covered on the exam. The exam blueprint gives you an idea of how many questions from each topic area you can expect.
  2. Read the textbook. Enough said.
  3. Train. You wouldn’t get off the couch and run a marathon—you need to train first! Find a training class in your area or get the convenient online version.
  4. Learn in context. Privacy doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Read our privacy publications, check out what’s happening on our blog and try out the tools people are using in the resource center.
  5. Practice, practice, practice. When you think you’re ready, complete the sample questions to see how you do. And if you find you’re not quite ready yet, repeat steps 1–4.

In general, we recommend that you study for a minimum of 20 hours in advance of each exam. Now it’s time to get cracking!

Candidates for certification must understand that no published text can keep pace with the rapidly-changing privacy landscape. We continuously adjust our exam content to represent the latest regulatory and technological changes, and we expect candidates for IAPP certification to know about the important developments in their sector that may modify or supplant information in the authoritative texts.

Still have questions about exams? Read the IAPP Certification Information Candidate Handbook to find out everything you ever wanted to know about IAPP certification.


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